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Nero Fate Saber Cockroach Nest Cosplay Wig

Nero Fate Saber Cockroach Nest Cosplay Wig

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Product information, works & roles
【FGO Nero Fate】
+ Saber+
Modeling: centered on the top of the head, specially made cockroach nest, big hair bag
Color: gold (the color is made according to the color of the person, very original)
Can be blown, hot, not dyed
This is a tie hair + special styling style. When using it, please arrange the bangs and sideburns first, and try to avoid getting hooked during use. If the tie hair is slightly messy, please gently trim it with your hands. On the surface, it is not recommended to disassemble and retie Please don't use it violently. When not in use, use your fingers to gently trim the surface texture, and then save it. Please don't throw it away.
Hair: 100% imported super-soft high-temperature silk, soft and easy to style, without big head (heat resistance 180° can be blown or ironed)

The wigs are all sent out the same. The only difference is that the person who receives it takes care of it and trims it differently.

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