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Red Led Light Therapy Infrared 300W LED Anti Aging Therapy Light For Full Body Skin Pain Relief Red LED Grow Light

Red Led Light Therapy Infrared 300W LED Anti Aging Therapy Light For Full Body Skin Pain Relief Red LED Grow Light

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Red light therapy is a skincare treatment being offered as an alternative to physician-administered laser therapy. Most studies involving red light therapy revolve around the treatment of acne, rosacea, and of its ability to get rid of wrinkles. While research is not yet conclusive on the benefits of red light therapy, studies suggest that concentrated red light is absorbed by the mitochondria in the cells and stimulates the generation of more collagen

◆ Red and Infrared Light Therapy Panel
Combo Deep Red 660 and Near-Infrared 850nm, the best wavelength for light therapy. Near-Infrared 850nm is invisible light by human eyes, so it looks very dim, and deep red 660nm is looking very brightness, so you will see half led work, and look like all red color .but it is normal.
◆ Enjoy Light Therapy at Home
This 45W Led light therapy panel perfect for use at home, You can enjoy your light therapy as salon quality at any time and anywhere instead of going to the light therapy beauty salon and paying the expensive cost every time. you can use the light therapy panel when you reading a book in bed, watching TV sitting on a sofa, play computer games. Enjoy light therapy any time and anywhere.
◆ Target Treatment
The led panel light can coverage your partial area which you want .
Coverage :19"x19"x3" ,22"x22"x6" 28"x28"x12"
◆ How to USE
GROW 45W light therapy panel is best to target put on back, near to face, abdomen and leg. 10-20 minutes every time and do 2-14 times every week according to your body requirements.

What are the benefits of Redlight

1. Efficacy for Skin Rejuvenation
A. Wrinkles and Fine Lines
B. Tightening and Firming
C. Anti-aging
D. Blemishes and Redness
E. Age spots and hyperpigmentation on the face, hands and neck
F. Acne scars
G. Hair growth

2. Efficacy for Skin Problems
A. Burns
B. Acne scars
C. Rosacea
D. Eczema
E. Psoriasis
F. Athlete’s foot

3. Efficacy for Pain Relief
A. Herniated and bulging discs
B. Muscle-related back pain
C. Osteoarthritis
D. Fibromyalgia
E. Pulled and strained muscles, Muscles spasms
F. Inflammation
G. Nerve injuries
H. Sports injuries
I. Neck pain and stiffness

1. The irradiation distance is subject to feeling comfortable.
2. Do not look directly into the infrared bulb with your eyes.
3. pay attention to stay away from all kinds of flammable materials, equipment attention to ventilation and heat.
4. When using, the temperature is high. Do not touch the open infrared bulb with your hands. Do not wipe the hot bulb to avoid damage to the special IR-A coating on the bulb surface.

Type: Therapy Light
Color: Red
Light source power: 300 (W)
Actual power: 95w+ -5w
Voltage: AC85-265V (V)
Number of lamp beads: 60pcs 5w dual core
Lens angle: 30 degrees
Size: 260X210X65 (mm)

Package Content:
1 x LED Therapy Light

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